Moving into your perfect apartment

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Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be too painful! Realize you have already mastered the most difficult part, which is actually finding a place to move into.

Lower your stress level by following these moving tips to make your moving process easier and even enjoyable.

  •  Keep organized during packing. As soon as you’ve found your new place, the task of packing looms ahead. Streamline the packing process by staying organized. A great way to stay organized is to label and number each box. Write down which rooms you want each box to be transferred to directly on that box; and number your boxes in the order you want to open them. Think about what you will need when you first arrive in your new apartment and see that these boxes are loaded last (cleaning items, basic kitchen set up, bathroom items).
  • Make sure you have help. Moving is always easier with an extra set of hands or two (or three!) Scared to ask your friends and family for moving help? Don’t be. Just don’t leave asking people until the last minute. In fact, you should give people at least 2-3 weeks notice before your move so they can keep that day open for you. After you’ve gotten over the hurdle of asking for help, simply sweeten the deal for your friends and family with a delightful bribe. The traditional bribe is pizza and beer, but any thoughtful bribe should do.
  • Consider your timing. Moving during the weekday can help keep you relaxed because banks, utilities and other government offices are open. Moving companies usually offer a lower per mile rate on weekdays, too! You also want to keep in mind that moving season is usually between May and September. During the peak of the moving season, try and plan ahead and book your reservations early to get the moving time you want.
  •  Take breaks and stay hydrated. A really good way to ruin your stress-free moving day is to get tired, get dehydrated and get cranky. Of course, no move is completely easy, but if you are feeling exhausted, it’s even worse. Take breaks while packing and unpacking.  Sit somewhere cool and drink cold water. Provide the people helping you move with a little sustenance like juice, bagels or some coffee. I gave everyone a protein shake on my last move, adding a little extra protein really helped everyone push through the afternoon.
  • Give yourself enough time. Don’t overwork yourself! If you begin this process far enough in advance of the move, you should be able to pack a few boxes each day at a leisurely pace. I would recommend beginning to pack several weeks before moving.

Remember, no one “loves” to move. Following some of these tips, you can help the day be less stressful.